Saturday, April 4, 2015

Christian slaughter in Kenya and mainstream media bias!

The slaughter of Christians on a college campus in Kenya offers a clear example of how media bias can alter the true storyline of any international event!

Those who actually follow and know the news will not be fooled by media attempts to shade and manipulate a story but, unfortunately, that group is a minority of people in the country.

A perfect example is last weeks slaughter of 150 Christians on a college campus in Kenya at the hands of the Islamic extremist terrorist organization Al-Shabaab.

The terrorists asked whether individuals were Christian or Muslim and if the answer was Christian, they were summarily murdered on the spot!

Listening to a news report this morning on a major television network (ABC in New York) I was reminded of a classic example of a media altered report...

A biased news report care of the mainstream media: 'The death toll after an attack at a university in Kenya stands at 150!'

An example of an unbiased news report: Islamic extremists attacked a university in Kenya this past week and slaughtered 150 Christians. Al-Shabaab terrorists chose their victims by asking whether they were Christian or Muslim with the Muslims being released and the Christians killed!

Two stories, one telling only part of the truth while the other tells the entire story!

ABC, seemingly bowing to the pressure of the White House or else following the example being set by the White House chose to ignore who the killers were and the religion-based criteria they used for the slaughter.


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