Monday, March 2, 2015

Obama threatens to shoot down Israeli fighter jets! Surprised?

Now let's see...To avoid military action Barack Obama has in the past ignored the Syria redline, shown a tepid response to ISIS, let's Russia overrun Ukraine, and is currently negotiating a nuclear deal with terror-supporting nation Iran...

In other words what we have here is a Commander-in-Chief who shows an incredible aversion to utilizing US military force in basically every geopolitical hotspot where force may be warranted (Syria) or where force may be warranted but should most likely be avoided in a direct confrontation (Russia).

In the case of Ukraine, although weaponry should have been provided by the Obama administration to the Ukrainians, it of course was not!

But now when it comes to a use of force against Israel, Obama suddenly seems to have found his ability to use the US military.

That's right reports are that had Israel, a country that Barack Obama holds in contempt and has made little attempt to disguise it, flown a mission to take out Iran's nuclear program, Obama would have shot those jets down in an overt act of war against our only true Middle East ally!

The reports are unsubstantiated but incredibly, they are not unbelievable!

In other words in the sham that are nuclear negotiations with Iran, Obama holds the words of a rogue and terrorist supporting nation, words that have proven to be false regarding its nuclear program every time in the past, in higher esteem than our friend Israel.

Perhaps and I'm going out on a controversial limb here it's because Iran, by stating that they would like to see Israel blown off of the face of the earth, has provided Barack Obama with an actual Middle Eastern soulmate!

Besides that there is no other explanation that I can decipher.

Obama smokescreens and diversions!

So now instead of Obama fighting the terrorists, we have Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to Congress with Obama not being notified first taking all of the headlines in the mainstream media outlets around the country.

This when perhaps, just perhaps, the words and warnings of the Israeli Prime Minister should be the focal point.

Further the Obama administration will attempt to discredit Netanyahu based on the Prime Minister's support for an invasion of Iraq, a position that was held by a majority in Congress including of course a great many Democrats!

So is being wrong grounds for losing ones bully pulpit? Well if that's the case...

Extrapolating the Iraq reasoning further, if being wrong on one issue is grounds for losing all credibility then because Obama has been wrong on basically every decision he has made since taking office, shouldn't the masses be ignoring him as well (although that ship sailed a long time ago for most of us)?

But in typical Obama administration fashion they have obfuscated the real issue of a sham nuclear deal with Iran, replacing it instead with an invitation and Iraq invasion smokescreen that Americans will undoubtedly buy into hook line and sinker with the compliant help provided by a mainstream media that will sit back and spout Obama administration talking points.

Finally, for what it is worth and not particularly surprising given his ties to Jimmy Carter, one of the staunchest supporters for an Israeli plane shoot-down was reported to be Zbigniew Brzezinski.

You can read more on the story of the story at Arutz Sheva here.



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