Monday, March 9, 2015

Hillary-Huma Abedin Connection: Emails, Muslim Brotherhood and more!

As if the Hillary email scandal wasn't enough to make one question Hillary Clinton's competence, integrity and honesty, let's not forget her ties to Huma Abedin as well!

First a reminder of just who Huma Abedin is from a TPC article published July 27, 2013 titled 'The Weiner-Huma-Hillary Unholy Alliance!'

'...let us first take a look back to a TPC article and video from August 27, 2012 titled 'Has the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated Barack Obama's State Department?'

Unfortunately the video portion of the presentation has ironically, or maybe predictably, been pulled from YouTube.

Is Huma Abedin a person you want privy to top secret U.S. intelligence? After watching this video the answer is obvious but like much in the Obama administration real answers are extremely hard to come by!

With parents who have been "deeply involved with the Muslim Brotherhood" (Video 32 seconds in) and with Huma Abedin previously on the Executive Board of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Muslim Student's Association (MSA) at Georgetown, how exactly did she become the personal assistant to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

As a member of the MSA she would likely have been required to take the Oath of Allegiance that can be heard at 3 minutes 50 seconds into the video below. Among other things the Pledge says that "Jihad is my spirit" and "Paradise is my goal".

Only in the Obama administration could anyone with the background described here be in a position to have security clearance where what they know could potentially do harm to the nation! Was any vetting of Huma Abedin actually done and if it was don't the American people have a right to see it?...'

And now, from

'Huma Abedin: Clinton's Unindicted Email Co-Conspirator'

'Scandal: The email plot thickens with news that Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff also used a private email account on the Clintons' server to conduct government business.

Watchdog group Judicial Watch, which doesn't like being lied to or jerked around any more than the House Benghazi Select Committee does, has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Department of State seeking all communications, including emails, between Secretary of State Clinton and Huma Abedin with Nagla Mahmoud, wife of ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi between Jan. 21, 2009, and Jan. 21, 2013.

The lawsuit — which also seeks a thorough search of Clinton's newly discovered private email accounts connected to a home-based server to exclusively conduct government business — comes alongside the issue of subpoenas by the Benghazi Select Committee. Both have long been curious about the scarcity of produced emails with Clinton's name on them.

Abedin, perhaps best remembered as the wife of disgraced former congressman Anthony Wiener, is a longtime Hillary friend and confidante. She served as Clinton's deputy chief of staff at the same time she worked as a consultant to the Clinton Foundation and a New York advisory firm tied to the Clintons, one that did business before the government.

Foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation — including from governments and sources which might not have our best interests at heart, during and after Clinton's tenure as secretary of state — are raising questions about conflicts of interest and possible quid pro quos.

Abedin made $135,000 a year as Clinton's deputy, a period in which she is reported to have raked in as much as $355,000 from consulting contracts. Having a pipeline into the Clinton inner circle is invaluable to some. This reminds us of Johnny Chung's famous comparison of the Clinton White House to a subway turn style — you had to put money in to gain entry.

Abedin also has some interesting family connections. Her father is said to be close with the Saudi government's Muslim World League, and her mother is said to be a member of the Muslim Sisterhood. World Trade Center bombing prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review: "The ties of Ms. Abedin's father, mother and brother to the Muslim Brotherhood are both specific and substantiated."

The Muslim Brotherhood took power in Egypt with the Obama administration's approval after it had all but abandoned the government of Hosni Mubarak, a long-time ally and friend. It was while Abedin was advising Hillary that State dropped its long-standing policy of having no dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood...'

Read the rest of the article at here.


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