Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cartoon and Video: Obama, Hitler and World War II

What if Barack Obama the appeaser, purveyor of weak and indecisive leadership, had been Commander-in-Chief on that fateful day that will live in infamy at Pearl Harbor?

What if Obama had been in the White House prior to and during WW2? Would all the world be speaking German now.

Would each and every Jew be dead and the conflict over Israel be moot because Israel would not exist?

Would Obama have entered into negotiations and sign a Neville Chamberlain-style Munich Agreement giving Hitler concessions based on the Fascist leaders' promise to stop invading?

A deal made because like he's trying to do with Iran, a 'bad deal is better than no deal'?

And what would John Kerry, a man who apparently couldn't negotiate his way out of a Heinz Ketchup bottle, have given away as Secretary of State to make a deal?

Würden wir alle sprechen Deutsch!



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