Sunday, January 11, 2015

France 'war' on jihad...Too little too late?

And will public demonstrations or the empty rhetoric of world leaders be effective in fighting the global war on terror?

If a country opens its borders in the spirit of multiculturalism and offers government assistance to all while at the same time allowing no-go zones to flourish where the laws of the host nation do not apply...

And additionally if no demands have ever been made for these new citizens to assimilate, can the genie be put back into the bottle and the tragic results of said accommodation and appeasement, an example of which we have just witnessed in Paris, ever truly be reversed?

French citizens, in the shadow of the recent terror attacks committed by Islamic extremists in the name of religion, are trying to do that now through massive demonstrations called 'Unity' rallies.

Will these demonstrations help reverse the trend?

Absolutely not!

The lesson to be learned is that open borders and appeasement with no demands by the host nation for any semblance of assimilation results in what we are watching unfold now in France.

  1. Will the lesson be learned and somehow the trend try to be reversed or, due to political correctness and progressive ideals, will this chapter be repeated elsewhere around Europe? 
  2. And due to the attitude and lack of serious action by the Obama administration, a feckless band of politicians and 60's-style radicals that has difficulty uttering the word 'terrorism' let alone the phrase 'terrorism by Islamic extremists', is the same possible in the US as well (Note: The first attack on the WTC, the 9/11/01 attack on the US and the Boston Marathon Bombing among others says it is already here)?
  3. Will the turmoil and angst created by these attacks open wide the door for neo-Nazi-type, far right political parties to gain popularity and power with all of the resulting issues that will create?
Unfortunately yes, these types of attacks will likely be repeated in Europe and yes, the Obama administration is putting the US at great risk for it to happen here as well and yes, extremist far-right political parties will likely gain even more traction now!

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