Thursday, January 15, 2015

An Islamic Extremism primer for an apparently clueless President!

A reading recommendation for a clueless President who, for reasons known only to him that someday will also be known to the American people, is incapable of uttering the phrase Islamic Extremism!

I write this article, ironically enough, the morning after an 'alleged' Islamic extremist is arrested in Ohio purported to have been planning an attack on the US Capitol in support of the jihad being waged against the west by the Islamic State!

Given this arrest in conjunction with all of the other news and past events from around the world, the failure and continued unwillingness of Barack Obama and his minions to utter the simple phrase "Islamic Extremism' is troubling!

Troubling as well as endemic of a long and continuing problem of omission that has been well documented at The Political Commentator in articles such as this one written back in September 2014...

War on Terror - Can Obama really be this incompetent or is he this incompetent on purpose?

'...He cannot say Islamic extremists, has dithered making key decisions, has placed blame for his failures on others, has let Americans die for political reasons, has called obvious acts of domestic terrorism workplace violence and telegraphs our strategies to our enemies...'

So given the President's apparent ignorance of the global problem termed 'Islamic Extremism' by all besides himself and administration puppets, a lack of knowledge perhaps due to the fact that he has not heard about it while watching mainstream media TV, my reading recommendation is Pamela Geller's blog Atlas Shrugs!

And to make it easy for the President, his mouthpiece Josh Earnest, his incompetent Secretary of State John Kerry, his equally incompetent Attorney General Eric Holder and anyone else in the administration interested in learning the truth about the world, here is a link to the subscribe page.

I have been reading this blog for years and I think they would benefit!

These are today's articles and to be clear my only purpose in presenting her work is because it is critically important that people who are unaware become aware!

In This Issue...
  •  Germany: Two Jordanian Muslims Admit to Arson Attack on Wuppertal Synagogue
  •  Muslim Cleric Leads Funeral Prayer For Charlie Hebdo Jihadis, Justifies Murder By Precedent Set By Muhammad
  •  Portland Muslim teen accused of threatening to blow up store “in the name of Allah”
  •  Ohio Islamic State jihadi arrested for plot to bomb US Capitol
  •  French Muslim Students Scream “Allahu Akbar,” Dishonor Moment Of Silence For Charlie Hebdo Victims
  •  Venerable Oxford University Press bans use of pig, sausage or pork-related words to avoid offending Muslims
  •  WARNING — GRAPHIC IMAGES: Islamic State (ISIS) Video Shows Confession, Execution By Young Boy Of Two FSB Agents
  •  WATCH “New ISIS Video Threatens More Attacks In US and Europe”: “Burn their houses, cars, possessions, behead them, even if it’s day to day, terrorise them”
  •  VIDEO: KTUV FOX News: “Controversial new ad on Muni vehicles stirs debate”
  •  Long lines form for new issue of Charlie Hebdo with Mo toons
  •  Germany: Muslim Rally Against Terror, “Almost more German ministers than Muslims were there”
  •  Watch VIDEO: Pamela Geller on NEWSMAX TV, The Steve Malzberg Show, Discussing Charlie Hebdo Jihad and Kosher Supermarket slaughter
  •  Paris Muslims say Charlie Hebdo massacre “conspiracy designed by the Jews to make Muslims look bad”


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