Thursday, December 25, 2014

Who is Gordon Barnes and could he be Barack Obama's son?

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Who you may be asking yourself is Gordon Barnes, why does he have any relevance and why might one envision Barack Obama saying that he could be his son?

Incredibly, although not really that surprising at all, Gordon Barnes is a City University of New York (CUNY) graduate student and editor of the Graduate Center Advocate who penned an editorial titled "In Support of Violence."

Here is an excerpt that would likely make any community organizer or violent revolutionary proud and any patriotic American sick...

"The time for peace has passed, indeed it never existed in this country ... The violence of the police is almost always defensible in the eyes of the ruling elite, as evinced by Barack Obama’s platitudes to liberal desires to the rule of law in the aftermath of the grand jury decision. So, why then is the violence of the protestor so reviled? ... When the state comes down on its citizenry violently, we must resist, with equitable violence if necessary."

And while outwardly Barnes says he does not condone the assassination of two NYPD officers, his statement on the killings would suggest otherwise...

"I don't support, nor do I endorse, individuals attacking police like that, just because they're police," he said. "I do not support killing them wantonly, like what happened in Brooklyn."

"I do support, however, self-defense by any means necessary," he said. "If one is attacked, I believe that you should have the right to defend yourself. If one is coming at you with deadly force, whether that person is an individual, or a cop, or a member of a vigilante group like the Ku Klux Klan, I think you have a right to defend yourself." (Source)

I have a few suggestions for Gordon Barnes...
  1. Number one is to walk a mile in the shoes of a cop where split-second life and death decision-making is required. You may not understand this concept as a Ph.D student in history,
  2. If a police officer tells you to stop do it whether you are Black, White, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. and, if instead you approach him or her with your hands raised in a threatening manner, expect the consequences,
  3. Respect and appreciate the police because one day your sorry ass may be in trouble and when you call 911, despite the vile garbage that you write and think, your opinion of the NYPD and your call for violence, they will respond to help you because that is what they do! 
Read the entire editorial here.


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