Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Obama's Legacy? Pakistani schoolchildren slaughtered by members of the Religion of Peace!

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Taliban slaughters more than 130 schoolchildren in Pakistan!

It's an enemy Barack Obama is reluctant to name (Islamic extremists) and for some reason even more reluctant to try and eradicate despite his empty rhetoric!

And because the President didn't learn his lesson very well as a result of the US troop pullout from Iraq, troops are now out of Afghanistan as well!

Does the Commander-in-Chief have an ulterior motive for basically promoting terrorism through these moves in Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to negotiations with the rogue regime in Iran or, is he just a really bad President?

Unfortunately I think the answer may be the former (See - More on the Manchurian President!).

Taliban gunmen have killed 141 people, including at least 132 children, in a school attack in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Nine men stormed the army-run school while around 500 children and teachers were believed to be inside, with many students taking exams at the time.

Most of the victims of the country's deadliest terror attack were killed in the first few hours as the gunman fired bullets indiscriminately at pupils and teachers.

A local hospital said the dead - and the more than 120 who were injured - were aged from 10 to 20 years old. (Source)


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