Monday, December 29, 2014

Jews under attack from traditional anti-Semitism and from stabbings! (Video and Audio)

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For anyone who has ever felt that being Jewish can still be hazardous to your health 70+ years after the Holocaust, here is video and audio proof out of France and the Middle East!

And for those who invoke the phrase Never Again as if by some miracle mere words will solve the scourge of anti-Semitic hatred, the sad reality is that it never actually ended!

Hatred for the Jews

The first example is audio concerning our 'friends' in France where anti-Semitism is well, thriving and forcing Jews to flee the country in fear of their lives.

When will American Jews stop spending their money in France? The irony I suppose is when they tire of the great shopping that Paris offers! 

The second video is by way of the Palestinian Authority that has provided a 'how to' tutorial of the proper way to stab a Jew!


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