Saturday, December 6, 2014

It didn't take Nostradamus to predict this about Obama or his 2nd-term, just a shrink!

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Back in October, 2012 The Political Commentator ran an article titled 'A must read psychological analysis of Barack Obama!'

In light of Barack Obama's recent move to legalize millions of illegals along with his continued drive to divide the nation along racial lines, a repeat is most definitely warranted.

This phrase towards the end of the article offered both a warning and a prophecy, both of which that have unfortunately already proven to be true:

"Dr. Fick warns that if Obama is reelected he will step up his effort to “transform” America. He will not feel constrained by the rule of law and will enact Executive Orders without Congressional consent. The America he will leave behind will be in his own image, broken and lacking a sense of identity..."

Elections Have Consequences!

Would a psychological analysis of President Obama provide relevant findings for an undecided voter? 

The last great hope for our children and our children's children is that on November 6 those on-the-fence voters who have been vacillating between the presidential candidates come to the correct and sane decision to pull the lever for Mitt Romney. 

Either that or they have the common sense to simply abstain from voting altogether for the good of the country. 

The obvious and extremely unfortunate sad truth is that the minds of the hardcore Obamabots will never be swayed by the blatant truths about their candidate that have been kept so well disguised by so many including the back-benchers of the Democrat Party, the MSM. 

These uninformed ideologues have been too brainwashed to ask questions or explore for themselves to find out who this President truly is. How many I wonder would ever watch the movie "2016" that they instead discard out-of-hand as mere propaganda and lies of the far-right? 

Further compounding the potential problem for the country is that between now and election day the President will be putting on a full-court press attempting to re-energize his core constituency's of black voters and college-age voters. 

These two voting blocks that were so important to his victory in 2008 have rightfully become disenchanted with the "Change" that has actually been delivered and that turned out to be very different than what they believed that they had signed on for in the first election. 

"The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama"...

Read the rest of the article here.


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