Monday, December 29, 2014

Is race baiting wrong? Of course it is, but Barack Obama (and Eric Holder) really don't care!

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Wake Up America!

Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder have an agenda, evil though it might be, that they are in the process of executing perfectly to the extreme detriment of the United States and the American people.

In fact, what they have done and are continuing to try to do would most certainly have made Saul Alinsky very proud were he still around today to witness their handiwork.

And while the plan is being implemented, the mainstream media, American Sheeple voters and the Democrats in Congress, whose only conscience is their yearning for power, have obediently followed along like the lapdogs that they are.

And the country is paying the heavy price!

Whether it has been the unilateral withdrawal from Iraq, the Syrian redline, executive orders used to circumvent Congress, amnesty for millions of illegals, negotiations with Iran or releasing terrorists from Gitmo (and the list goes on), the President has received zero resistance from his friends and has successfully portrayed his political rivals as extremists and loons.

But beyond these examples, unfortunately today I speak of a situation closer to home that is in danger of spinning dangerously out of control.

I speak of the racial divisiveness fomented by this administration, disdain for the authorities it has had no small hand in creating and the blatant race baiting that it has engaged in.

The result? Open season on the police around the country!

But Barack Obama does not care what you think!

For the community organizer President and Attorney General who reportedly had participated in an armed takeover of a building on the Columbia University campus in 1970 (source), one has to wonder whether the type of violent and deadly demonstrations against the police we have been witnessing are actually music to their 'collective' ears?

I can't be sure if that is actually the case because I have yet to hear directly from Barack Obama on the issue other than some bland rhetoric put forth by his handlers.

Quite a change from the outward expressions of sadness and the racial pronouncements trumpeted far and wide (even at the UN) when police have killed black citizens in the line of duty.

Coincidently I also haven't heard much from Eric Holder or the greatest race baiter of all, Al Sharpton.

The result to date has been an open season on cops around the country with the greater question of when and how will it all end?

So once again, was this civil unrest actually the plan of this administration all along?

The bottom-line? Barack Obama does not care what you or I think and will continue doing what he has been doing for the past six years over the last two of his presidency!

These are some of the most recent law enforcement victims of the race baiting and divisiveness put forth by Obama, Holder, Sharpton and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio...

Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops in Garner ‘revenge’

Rookie Ariz. police officer killed in shootout

Police Search for Gunman After LAPD Patrol Car Shot at in South LA

These will hopefully also be the last but, unfortunately, that might not fit the agenda of the country's top leaders!



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