Thursday, December 18, 2014

Breathe Easy T-Shirt: Politically incorrect or unwarranted liberal outrage?

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Is the T-shirt below simply a valid message to citizens everywhere or, as liberals claim, specifically directed at the Eric Garner case and therefore should be pulled from the market?

Breathe Easy: to assume a relaxed state after a stressful period.

Used in a sentence: I heard strange noises outside my house but when the police arrived I was able to breathe easy!

Potential Analogy: We don't like 'The Interview' so pull the plug on it or else (Note: based on these extortionist threats Sony has pulled the plug representing one of the worst hits to the First Amendment, possibly ever)!

Breathe Easy T-shirt

Mishawaka Police Office Cpl. Jason Barthel, owner of the South Bend Uniform Company on the purpose of creating the T-shirt in question:

For those upset, please understand when we use the slogan ‘Breathe Easy’ we are referring to knowing the police are there for you! We are one people, one nation regardless of race, religion, creed or gender. We are all in this together. The police are here to protect and serve. 99.9% of us have the greater good in our hearts each time we strap on our uniforms and duty belts. We are all one people and this is by no means is a slam on Eric Garner or his family, God rest his soul. Let’s all band together as AMERICANS regardless of our feelings and know we can and will be better! Thank you for your support.

On-the-other-hand, South Bend District Council President Oliver Davis and the Indiana Chapter of the NAACP had this to say:

We believe that people should be able to breathe easy no matter what they’re doing. Police should not take the right to breathe into their own hands.

So should the T-shirt be pulled off of the website? The T-shirt of course should remain on the market and, for those who take issue with the product, the simple answer would be not to buy it!

What's your opinion?

Photo: NY Magazine


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