Saturday, December 27, 2014

In Bizarro Washington, Obama is the nations best President ever! (Video)

Nothing Says 'Super Bowl' Party Like Barack Obama Toilet Paper!!
Or, if that doesn't HIT the spot, might I suggest The Obama Punching Bag instead?

Just kidding! Never mind the title because of course Barack Obama has incredibly supplanted Jimmy Carter in the position of worst United States president ever!

That said, what would the nation look like today if the Washington of the last 6-years was not Washington at all, but instead had actually been Bizarro Washington where down is up and up is down, bad is good and the worst is the best?

For those who may be unfamiliar with Seinfeld, in Jerry's Bizarro World Elaine had new friends where Jerry was Kevin, George was Gene and Kramer was Feldman.

Everything that the Seinfeld characters were, Elaine's new friends were the opposite.

Jerry, George and Kramer were self-centered, shallow and with no capacity to feel or have empathy for others while in the Bizarro World the characters were the exact opposite.

In our current-day Washington we have a President who is narcissistic, self-centered, a divider not a uniter, an horrific leader, seemingly a pathological liar, someone who appears to be going out of his way to make moves that weaken the national security of the US, who is pushing our financial stability to the limit, engages with our enemies while pushing our friends away and all the while is making sport of our legislative process that was put into place by the Founding Fathers.

What would Bizarro Washington look like?

WWBOD - What Would Bizarro Obama Do?

In Bizarro Washington most if not all of the moves that have been made by the Obama administration would have been done in the exact opposite way...
  1. In Bizarro Washington the leader would have listened to his military experts and left troops in Iraq to ensure that no vacuum would be created to be filled by the very terrorists that we fought long and hard to contain and eradicate.
  2. In Bizarro Washington what the leader says and promises is actually what that leader does. For example a redline is a redline as opposed to actual Washington where a redline proved to be worthless and worse.
  3. In Bizarro Washington, Russia is dealt with from a position of strength where in actual Washington we have been bending over (choose a direction) to try and make friends with an historic enemy.
  4. In Bizarro Washington border security is taken very seriously and those who violate our sovereign borders sent back home.
  5. In Bizarro Washington we do not engage in the charade of negotiating with terrorists or rogue nations like Iran giving them the added time to complete the acquisition of nuclear weapons.
  6. In Bizarro Washington we do not release known terrorist leaders back into the field in exchange for anything or anyone, let alone a US soldier who is a deserter.
  7. In Bizarro Washington we do, however, work to get US military being held in a neighboring country's prison system released.
  8. In Bizarro Washington a leaders word is his bond and if he says you can keep your doctor, that your premiums will decrease and that legislation hasn't all been a ploy and ruse to get to a single payer system of healthcare, then by God you can believe him.
  9. In Bizarro Washington the leader believes in the legislative process that has been working for over 200 years. For example a decision to normalize relations with Cuba would not be done unilaterally.
  10. Finally, in Bizarro Washington the leader is a uniter of the nation and not a divider. That includes his closest advisors as well.

If the American Sheeple and mainstream media ideologues open their eyes, ears and minds, then in the 2016 election for president and Congress the nation can move closer to Bizarro Washington that in reality is nothing more than historical Washington with a good and strong leader who is working to move the United States in the right direction!



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