Sunday, December 21, 2014

At some point patriotism needs to kick in and leaders need to actually lead!

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At some point one would have thought that partisan politics and the promise of a pension after retirement would take a backseat and that the nations leaders would have turned in protest!

First, as painful and distasteful as it is, let's examine 'leaders' like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Are they such rabid ideologues that they can watch and appreciate what Barack Obama is doing to the nation both domestically, but more importantly, as it concerns the nations national security?

Or, more likely, are they sickeningly partisan politicians who give a crap about one thing and one thing only which is the retention of power?

If it's the former one might be able to understand but, because in my opinion it is the latter, it would make these two incredibly crappy leaders and even worse Americans.

More difficult to understand, however, are our military leaders whose advice has been spurned by the Commander-in-Chief at every turn.

It difficult to fathom how Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby can get in front of the cameras day after day trying to present our strategies to fight terrorism and for 'degrading and destroying' ISIS some semblance of credibility.

Under the surface, and not that far under the surface, he must realize like the rest of us that Barack Obama is doing his level best to do nothing to fight terrorists either here or abroad.

One can understand partisans such as Jen Psaki and Josh Earnest doing the President's bidding but I would have hoped that love of country, at some point, would have led the others to turn their backs on a President who is doing so much damage to the country!

I guess not and unfortunately it is we the people who are going to be paying the heavy price!



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