Monday, December 8, 2014

A predictable liberal mantra

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Plus 20 indicators that up is down, down is up and progressivism is ruling the day in the U.S. today!

Progressivism, for the uninitiated, 'is an ideology and a tactic of modern-day Sophists who seek to replace facts with narrative, justice with injustice, morality with immorality and virtue with vice — but it does so with a smile on its face'.

20 ways to recognize that progressivism is taking over our society!

1) When the executive branch has effectively become the legislative branch
2) When the notions of secure borders and national sovereignty are considered thinly-veiled euphemisms for racial hatred
3) When justice means determining a person is guilty before seeing any evidence, then rioting, looting and destroying property when said person does not even make it to trial
4) When those who riot, loot and destroy property are considered freedom-fighters, and those who peacefully assemble are considered radical extremists
5) When criminals advise law enforcement on how to do its job
6) When those who see every issue through the prism of race, sex and class are considered paragons of tolerance, and those who see people as individuals are racist, sexist bigots
7) When illegal immigrants are granted equal if not greater ”rights” and benefits than law abiding citizens
8) When instead of targeting the jihadists responsible for committing the murders of thousands of innocents, the government targets the counter-jihadists
9) When the leaders of your Republic defend to the death those who wish to destroy her, while deriding those who wish to save her
10) When countries like Egypt and the United Arab Emirates designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but yours does not
11) When Christianity and Judaism can be unmercifully attacked, yet Islam and sharia law may not even be critically examined
12) When the people overwhelmingly despise and distrust its leaders, yet continually votes to cede more and more of its rights to said leaders
13) When a person commits a crime or act of violence, and the first question asked is what society did to make that person commit the act of crime or violence
14) When wealth redistribution is considered moral, and wealth creation is considered immoral
15) When protecting, and thereby creating favored groups of people by law is considered equality
15a) When the government groups individuals by race, class, sex and religion, in and of itself
16) When you cannot discern where government ends and the media begins
17) When facts and logic are considered secondary to narrative, lest they be considered at all
18) When the people believe that Western civilization is inherently evil, and its enemies inherently good and worthy of coddling
19) When the people believe that government, not the Creator, grants them rights
19a) When the people believe that entitlements are rights in and of themselves
20) When breaking the Ten Commandments is considered the rule, and following them the exception
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