Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A frightening global financial markets endgame predicted for 2015! (Video)

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Gerald Celente of Trends Journal paints a grim picture for the global economy in this video interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog!

It may happen in 2015 or the Federal Reserve may be able to keep the 'financial game' that it's playing propped-up for a time beyond that point, but according to Celente it is all going to come tumbling down in an extremely painful way!

And while the video below is longer than most will typically have the attention span to watch, given the fact that your financial well-being may depend on some of the information provided it is worth taking the time and my bet is that you will be interested in hearing what he has to say.

A snippet from the video...

Celente goes on to say, “In our business, trend forecasting is based on the understanding that current events form future trends.  So, we take the information we have and analyze it and see how it will play out and what the implications will be.”

“It’s becoming more and more difficult because we’re getting phony information continually.  So, whether it has to do with geopolitics, economics or whatever it is, they are cooking the books and spinning lies.  So, it is harder and harder to see where some of these things are going”

“We don’t have capitalism any more.  The merger of state and corporate powers is called fascism, and when you are looking at the rigging of the game, it’s called bankism. ”

“This thing should have collapsed a long time ago, but they keep making up new rules and a new game.  This is nothing more than a central bank confidence game, and you can tie it all back to bankism.”

How long can it go on?  Celente says, “All it takes is a shock wave to end the game.  You don’t know where it’s going to come from, but the stage is being set for a shock wave. . . . On one end, they can keep the interest rates low. ”

“On another end, they can even invent another quantitative easing (money printing) scheme.  But on the bigger end, you have volatility in the world commodity markets and geopolitics that could end this scam in a second”

“All the pieces keep adding up into a very serious economic and geopolitical game changer for 2015.” 



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