Thursday, November 20, 2014

You know what? Maybe the American people are too stupid to understand! (Video)

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The two-minute video in this article will show the deceptions, outright lies and misdirection plays along with the Gruber truth, that went into crafting Obamacare!

But that is not the stupidity of the American people that I speak about.

Here is my actual question...

What will it take, if there is anything that might actually accomplish it, to make the media do its job concerning this President and the 40% or so of the American people who still support Barack Obama to recognize who and what he is?

My fear is that by the time that occurs it will already be too late and the damage that he has done to the United States, already quite extensive, will not be repairable.

Next up? An executive order against the wishes of the Congress and the American people concerning 5 million illegal immigrants!


H/T Common Cents

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