Friday, November 7, 2014

Video Double Feature: Andrew Klavan on how to speak to a leftist!

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With their own special twist on the English language, it can often be difficult to know for sure what a leftist is actually trying to say!

These two videos by Andrew Klavan that examine the methodology for successful communication with a leftist will hopefully made the effort a little bit easier.

Of course that's only if you actually bother trying!

As an example this is my amateur analysis of Barack Obama when he says something along the lines of:

 'the Republicans can bring any piece of legislation to my desk but of course we will have differences and I won't agree with all of it.'

My translation would be:

'F--k you all! I am going to veto every last piece of legislation you send my way and use executive order to enact everything on my agenda. In other words I will continue to s--t all over the legislative process that our Founders intended and lead by dictatorship.'

In any event here is an expert on the linguistics of the left!

Leftist Speak Part 1 and Part 2

H/T Newsalert

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