Monday, November 17, 2014

Open Letter to Jonathan Gruber

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Dear Dr. Gruber: How does it feel to be the latest victim of Barack Obama's 'throwing an ally under the bus' gambit?

  • The President doesn't seem to recall knowing you,
  • Even if he did know you, the President apparently doesn't agree with your analysis of either Obamacare or the American people,
  • The President never heard of you until he learned about you the way that he apparently learns about every crisis and/or scandal... through media reports,
  • White House visitor logs apparently showing you as a guest there on multiple occasions be damned the President says alluding to the fact that you must have been there as a consultant to the Executive White House chef.

How does any of this make you feel?

Like a jilted lover or as an ideologue are you okay with taking one for the team?

I would love to print your thoughts at TPC so let me know!

Assuming however that I will not be hearing from Gruber, if anyone would like to let the good Dr. know how you feel about the charade and the lie that is Obamacare, from the MIT website this is the professors profile page URL with his contact information:


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