Saturday, November 15, 2014

No visa for you ball bouncing Jew!

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In a move contrary to the way things are typically handled by the State Department, Israeli NBA player Gal Mekel does not get his valid visa extended!

If only he had been an illegal immigrant or Chinese exchange student things may have turned out differently.

But alas he is an Israeli which apparently makes him persona non grata in Barack Obama's United States!

Have you heard about this story in the mainstream media? Most likely not!

The full story can be read at The Daily Caller:

In a surprise move, the Obama administration declined to extend a valid, P1 work visa for Gal Mekel, an Israeli NBA free agent.

The Indiana Pacers met with Mekel on Nov. 5 to discuss imminently signing the third year guard, yet because of the State Department’s refusal, ”to move up the expiration date on Mekel’s visa even by one day, the Pacers, who had only 9 players on their active roster, backed out of the deal to sign another player before their waiver lapsed,” reports Breitbart.

Normally, work visas for international players automatically transfer from team to team, but when Mekel was waived by the Mavericks in October, his visa expired.

Mekel is one of only two Israeli players in the NBA, the other being Sacramento’s Omri Casspi, and his is the only case many NBA analysts can point to where an expired work visa prohibited a club from signing an international player.

According to The Daily Caller’s very own Neil Munro, “President Barack Obama unilaterally will award work permits to more than four million foreigners, most of whom are now living illegally in the United States.” Read the rest at The Daily Caller here.

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