Saturday, November 29, 2014

Butts that put Kim Kardashian's butt to shame!

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It's not a political story or a particularly important one, but the incessant international focus on Kim Kardashian for no apparent reason prompts this commentary!

It's an extremely sad look at the state of our society when people with few redeeming qualities and no discernible talent that I can see make an incredible living and gain international fame by just being there.

Now, in the families never-ending grab for attention, Kim Kardashian has sparked fervent debate over whether or not she has had butt implants.

The truth is, however, that her butt doesn't even rank in TPC's Top 10!

From Rant Sports these are 'Female Athletes With Better Butts Than Kim Kardashian'

Her are four with a Rant Sports link at the bottom to see the rest.

See the rest of the photos at Rant Sports here.

Kim Kardashian photo


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