Friday, November 14, 2014

Another Obama 'Smoking Gun' (Obamacare) And Yet Nobody Cares! (Video)

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Riddle: If a man is found to be complicit in scandal after scandal and lie after lie but the mainstream media does not inform the American Sheeple of that fact, does anyone actually give a crap?

Anyone other than any American to the right of Karl Marx that is. These videos examine the Obamacare lie but there are too many others to count. Next up? Immigration reform by Executive Order!

Incredibly it appears that what the non-Sheeple and non-Obamabots knew all along about Obamacare, that it was built on a mountain of lies and deceptions, is now a known fact available for consumption by the masses so that they too can understand who and what is leading them in Washington.

Unfortunately, because the vast majority of these Obama sycophants and liberal ideologue automatons get their 'news' from sources who act in the role as the backbench for the White House, they may never know.

And, truth be told, even if they do know, they likely will not care!

Imagine that President Obama once said that he does not have the legal authority to use Executive Order concerning illegals and immigration reform and that today he is going to do that exact thing which of course will be affirmed as legal by his AG Eric Holder.

How does that happen and how do the Amercian Sheeple stand by and do nothing?

I hate to invoke Nazi Germany but there will come a time when the masses finally do notice the power grab and abuse of power being utilized by the White House and much like then...

It will already be too late to stop it!

Nancy Pelosi Denying Knowing Jonathan Gruber in 2014 While Touting Jonathan Gruber In 2009!

Obama Is In The Room With Gruber Discussing The Cadillac Tax

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