Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tutorial for Barack Obama: Seven facts differentiating workplace violence from a terrorist act

Barack Obama and his underlings seem to be having a difficult time figuring out what the rest of us already know... the Oklahoma beheading suspect is a homegrown terrorist!

So to provide them with some assistance, as if barack Obama listens to anyone other than himself (see 'Leon Panetta hero or goat'), here are seven pieces of information about Jah’Keem Yisrael that may help to sway his opinion about the Oklahoma beheading away from workplace violence to where it belongs...

...An act of terrorism perpetrated by a homegrown terrorist who was inspired by ISIS (Obama's ISIL).

From PJ Media, the '7 Reasons Why the Oklahoma Beheading Has Everything to Do with Islam'.

1. His hatred for America and proclamation of a Sharia future.

Jah’Keem Yisrael’s Facebook page, recently taken down, was extraordinarily revealing. According to the New York Daily News, it was “riddled with phrases like ‘Sharia law is coming’ and calling America ‘wicked.’”

2. His admiration for jihad terrorists.

The New York Daily News also reported that the Facebook page had “photos of various terror groups and their leaders, including bin Laden, who was killed by U.S. forces operating in Pakistan in 2012.”

3. His positive view of beheadings.

His page also featured a graphic photograph of a beheadings accompanied by this Qur’an quote:
“I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them” (Qur’an 8:9-13).

4. His Qur’anic quotes and Islamic exhortations.

Jah’Keem Yisrael filled his Facebook page with quotations from the Qur’an and exhortations to his fellow Muslims to be more rigorous and correct in their observance of Islamic ritual and morality.

5. His Islamic State hand signal.

Also on Yisrael’s Facebook page was a photograph of him with two members of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City; Yisrael stands between them holding up his index finger in the sign of the Islamic State, signifying Islam’s uncompromising monotheism.

6. His “Islamic phrases.”Yisrael is said to have been shouting “Islamic phrases” during his murderous rampage.   

7. His mosque. While the mosque Yisrael attended, the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, at first issued statements implying that Yisrael was a bad Muslim or hardly even a Muslim at all, and that barely anyone knew him there anyway, I received this insider report from a former member of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City:

I went to the same mosque the Oklahoma Muslim who beheaded his co-worker today. I live ten minutes away!
The Imam was Imad Enchassi the last I heard. He was a friend of mine. He is a Lebanese-born Sunni who hates Israel. He once gave a sermon that the Israelis were trying to collapse al-Aqsa mosque by digging tunnels underneath it. They have no issue with Palestinian suicide bombings because, as it was explained to me, that is the only weapon the Palestinians have.
They sold Milestones in the book shop while I was there, which as you know calls for replacing all non-Islamic governments with Islamic ones. I remember listening to a tape a friend of mine, Yahya Graff, another white convert to Islam, had that prayed for the destruction of Israel and America.
The imam when I first converted, Suhaib Webb, is hailed as a moderate by liberals in the United States but he was the one that explicitly told me that according to Islam, three choices are to be given to non-Muslims: convert, pay the jizyah tax and live under Islamic rule, or jihad. They try very hard to whitewash Islam when the media is around, but they believe in their religion and the ultimate goal of an Islamic caliphate.

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