Monday, October 27, 2014

Ray Stevens could have written this song for the modern day American liberal! (Video)

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Liberal minds are so clouded by their own ideology that they have been blinded by the light of who Barack Obama truly is, what he wants to achieve and what he stands for!

In other words, if your head is so far up your ass that you can't see what this President has done to the United States and what his agenda for the country is going forward, then you are as complicit in what happens to the country as he is!

No longer, unless you are a masochist, is it okay to say I'm a Democrat so I will simply vote Democrat across the board!

Remember on November 4 that elections have consequences and to give as much thought to who you are voting for as you would about what entree to order in a restaurant!

Here is a reminder from Adina Kutnicki of who is in the White House: Islamist-in-Chief Helped Free Saudi “Student” Charged With Murder;A Budding Pilot Too.Why?

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