Friday, October 24, 2014

Must Watch Video: Fast and Furious 'Roadmap to a Cover-up!' Unveiled!

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'Chris Farrell is the Director of Investigations for Judicial Watch. He joins Steve Malzberg for a discussion of the Fast and Furious documents list, the “Vaughn index,” which they just received through their considerable efforts to clear the path of obstructions placed by the Obama regime under claims of executive privilege.

Like most things Obama, the list reveals evidence of corruption. There are in excess of 15,000 documents which the regime is claiming should be covered under executive privilege, with the Vaughn list itself running an unbelievable 1,307 pages.

The listing includes documents related to communications with officials in the Department of Justice and the ATF as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. Additionally, there are more than twenty emails which are being included which are communications between Eric Holder and his wife and even some with his mother.

Farrell describes the index as a “Roadmap to a Cover-up.” He says, “You can reverse-engineer various shenanigans and fast moves by the Attorney General, White House, people like Valerie Jarrett, who are all listed in this index, and who’s communicating with who about what.”

Farrell says they’ll be fighting to get the actual documents, not just settling for an index.'

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