Thursday, October 9, 2014

Leon Panetta is wrong about Obama!

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During his interview with Bill O'Reilly, Leon Panetta opined that Obama has the intelligence and the courage to wage war against ISIS and that at some point he will!

I disagree with the former Secretary of Defense and head of the CIA!

After all, as citizens and observers, the only thing we have to go by is Barack Obama's past performance.

And his past performance suggests that for some reason this President is fine with Islamic extremists grabbing power across the Middle East.

Let's remember that ISIS (ISIL) isn't the first time that Obama has stood by as extremists have taken over a country. Does the fall of Egypt and Libya ring a bell? The Syria redline? Walking out of Iraq against military advice?

The fact is that this President, classically trained as a community organizer, has for some strange consistently defied the best advice of his military experts at every turn.

Not simply concerning this war against ISIS but on  mostevery issue since becoming President.

And if and when he does make a move it is after it is already too late to make a difference and his moves, even then, are anemic, inadequate and politically motivated.

Consider his most recent refusal to stop flights from the countries where Ebola originates from landing in the United States and instead will take temperatures and have travelers fill out a survey.

Fevers can be suppressed, the incubation period of the disease can be as long as 21 days and answers can be falsified.

More doing nothing under the political guise of doing something!

Liberal talking heads like Bob Beckel indignantly say that it is almost treasonous to suggest that Obama has any ulterior motives concerning his impotence and fecklessness when it comes to every issue he has faced concerning foreign policy and national security.

But how then can you explain away that every single decision or non-decision he has made has been wrong!

Let's face facts! Even a broken clock is right twice a day but for some reason the Obama administration never is.

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