Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is Obama 'beheading' the United States?

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'Is Obama beheading the United States?' is a euphemism for the fact that this President has not, in my opinion, been acting in the best interests of the country since taking office!

Harsh? Perhaps it is but think about these past six years. Can you...

  • Name one thing that this President and administration have done over the past six years that has worked out well for the American people including Obamacare, refusal to protect our borders and the complete troop withdrawal from Iraq over the recommendations of his military advisors, 
  • Come up with examples of Obama administration activity not centered in some type of a scandal with a subsequent cover-up (i.e IRS targeting Republicans, Benghazi or Fast and Furious), 
  • Provide a decision or situation it has managed that has been based in something other than politics, political expediency (i.e. Keystone Pipeline) and/or ideology (Ferguson),
  • Explain this administrations unwillingness to use the term terrorism and instead opt for workplace violence to the detriment of the victims and the country (i.e Fort Hood),
  • Show how our national security has been protected (i.e Syria 'non-redline redline' and suspected deserter Bowe Bergdahl traded for five Taliban commanders)
And now we have,
  • a botched response to Ebola coupled with an unwillingness to ban flights from Ebola ravaged countries, 
  • the issue of terrorism both overseas and homegrown with ISIS apparently known about and ignored for quite some time for reasons that I cannot fathom, 
  • plans to negotiate with Iran (the worlds enemy) while calling the President of Israel (our friend) 'chickenshit' and, 
  • most likely plans for some form of amnesty for illegals in our country accomplished by Executive Order after the mid-term election.
So I ask again as I had asked in the beginning of October:

White House, National Security, Islamic Extremists and Barack Obama

Now I am no conspiracy theorist (at least I try not to be but Obama makes that difficult) or investigative journalist and yet even I can recognize some of the curious Obama White House appointees with past ties to radical Islam coupled with non-action in the area of US national security!

Take that along with a lack of any substantive action (actually the complete opposite) to stop the spread of Islamic extremism in the Middle East and around the world, and one cannot help but wonder if there is a connection between the two.

Does that make me an Islamophobe? I don't think so!

Prior articles at TPC have unfortunately had to question the motives of the President however the majority of the talking heads (and of course the American public) seem to be oblivious due either to incompetence or blind ideology!

But I do wonder why so-called experts continue to ascribe Obama's national security incompetence, fecklessness and an unwillingness to listen to his military leaders merely to dovishness, a liberal ideology and pandering to his base before an election.

What leader would be willing and/or able to ignore the clear and present dangers facing the country?

It seems to me that by his inactions he is accomplishing something, a spread of a global Caliphate perhaps, that may unfortunately be part of some master plan.

In actuality maybe that does sound a little bit like a conspiracy theory but open your eyes people and see what is going on around us.

National Security?


  • allowing ISIS to spread, 
  • cutting the US military to the bone,  
  • ignoring any and all advice from his military experts, 
  • sitting idly by while an almost nuclear Iran (who this administration is incredibly considering negotiating with) prepares to become a nuclear Iran, 
  • emboldening Russia to spread its regional wings helped by the Syria non-redline redline, 
  • domestic terrorism termed workplace violence, 
  • Islamic extremism spreading from the Barack Obama endorsed Arab Spring, 
  • a refusal to allow programs that would help lead us to energy independence (and reduced reliance on our enemies in the Middle East) such as the Keystone Pipeline and finally 
  • destroying the faith of our allies that the US will have their backs,
what else is this White House currently doing or not doing in the arena of national security?

A growing racial divide being cheer-leaded  from the White House and Attorney General's office with citizens in St. Louis attacking a police officer this week after the shooting of a suspect who was pointing a gun at them.

This demonstration, sparking thoughts of anarchy, occurred mere days after Obama spoke about Ferguson, Missouri (still under investigation and inappropriate to have been mentioned) at the UN, can't merely be a coincidence.

Refusing to take any firm action on the southern border where there is a good likelihood of ISIS fighters entering the country (if they haven't already done so) is another.

Ebola can enter the same way as some speculate may happen if there is any spread of the disease into Central America or Mexico.

Action apparently taken by the administration at the IRS to quash political opinion that runs contrary to the White House.

Hiding in plain sight - A feckless strategy in Iraq and Syria + a refusal to address a porous southern border +  past actions and inactions = "A nod is as good as a wink to a blind man'!
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