Friday, October 3, 2014

Is Leon Panetta a hero or a goat?

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Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta writing in his new book about what Obama did and did not do in Iraq is a day late and a dollar short!

As written here in the middle of September, if this career politician felt so strongly about the ramifications that Obama's cut and run policy in Iraq would have in the region and around the world, he should have had the stones to resign in protest which likely would have derailed the failed policy from ever being enacted because the truth would have been brought into the light of day.

(As an aside if military experts and advisors like Leon Panetta believed that the decisions being made in the Oval Office went against the national security interests of the United States, why didn't they resign in protest rather than follow along like the lemmings that they are?) (Source)

Instead he was the good and obedient soldier going along with what he knew would have the disastrous consequences we are living through now.

I have the same thought about Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby who likely wants to keep his job and pension, but who must have a hard time looking at himself in the mirror when he shaves in the morning having to go out and defend the Commander-in-Chief's policies and strategies.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki on -the-other-hand, strikes me as a rabid ideologue who buys into whatever the President says and who worships at the alter of far-left liberalism.

In any event, to move our foreign policy and national security back into the right direction, it is going to take the mainstream media doing the job it's supposed to be doing along with some members of the Obama administration together with career government workers stepping out of their comfort zones and doing what is in the best interest of the country!

Unfortunately it's doubtful that anyone within either of those two constituencies will surprise and actually do it and is it naive of me to think that any of them ever would?

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