Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola and what the terrorists have learned!

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This is a lesson of government mismanagement of the Ebola crisis, a dislocation of people and businesses along with public panic over only one death and two people infected with Ebola!

What do you think the terrorists see when they observe the way in which the United States has reacted to what can only be termed an extremely limited spread of the Ebola virus?
  • Political wrangling over Barack Obama's refusal to halt incoming flights from Ebola ravaged nations,
  • Barack Obama's continued inadequacy when it comes to securing the southern and northern borders of the US (along with his inadequacy when it comes to every other national security issue that the country faces),
  • Buffoonery, doublespeak and incompetence at the head of the CDC which is tasked with resolving the crisis,
  • Nationwide focus and fear over the potential for Ebola to spread,
  • School shutdowns, cities on high alert, quarantines of potentially infected people and a stock market that hit the skids with Ebola high on the list of the reasons why,
  • A cruise ship with a Texas hospital worker onboard kept out at sea,
  • Barack Obama actually canceling fundraising trips to at the very least seem as if he is dealing with the crisis,
  • A do nothing Congress in full campaign mode actually driven to come back to Washington in order to at least appear as if they are substantively dealing with the crisis!
These and more examples of nationwide disruption are showing the terrorists that it does not take much to inflict damage on the US economy and psyche.

For a group like ISIS that is hellbent on killing us both at home and abroad this is not a good lesson for them to have learned.

When the only protocol for stopping this disease that has a minimum a 21-day incubation period is taking a temperature and filling out a questionnaire, the term suicide bomber can mean more than just a terrorist strapped with an explosive vest.

With men and women holding western passports it can mean a squad of Ebola infected individuals entering through airports all around the country.

With Obama at the helm along with his coterie of clowns masquerading as a national security team, I'm not sure how safe I actually feel!

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