Wednesday, October 29, 2014

'Chickenshit' thy name is Obama, not Netanyahu!

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In an unbelievable example of the pot calling the kettle black, the Obama administration has the nerve to refer to Benjamin Netanyahu as 'chickenshit'!

Do the people in the Obama administration ever look in the mirror or would that be to painful?

Benjamin Netanyahu? All he has done and continues to do is try and protect his people and Israel's sovereignty!

Obama should try it sometime when it comes to Americans and the United States!

The Obama 'chickenshit' legacy!
  • Obama’s “leading from behind” is the very definition of chickenshit. 
  • Obama’s response and the redline on Syria’s chemical weapons is chickenshit. 
  • Obama’s stand down on Benghazi, leaving our Ambassador and attaches to die, was chickenshit. 
  • Obama not sending in back-up to our soldiers in Benghazi is chickenshit. 
  • Obama damaging U.S. credibility is chickenshit. 
  • Obama backing Hamas is chickenshit. 
  • Obama condemning Jewish homes in Jerusalem is chickenshit. 
  • Obama signing a status of forces of agreement Iraq is chickenshit. 
  • Obama claiming the Islamic State is not Islamic is chickenshit. 
  • Obama not protecting the American people and restricting flights from West Africa is chickenshit. 
  • Obama saying the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam in the wake of jihad murders in Benghazi is chickenshit. 
  • Obama never served in the military, that’s chickenshit. 
  • Benjamin Netanyahu was a Sayeret Matkal commando and a military Colonel.


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