Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cast Your Vote: Obamaphone Lady versus the Food Stamp Twerker (Video)

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This is a competition and vote that could only occur in Barack Obama's America where government dependency is not only encouraged but is also applauded!

Who is more enthusiastic about the government program that they are participating in?

Selection #1: Obamaphone Lady

The first contestant is the Obamaphone Lady who came to prominence back in 2012 prior to the presidential election.

In the video she explains why Barack Obama is a much better candidate for the most powerful position in the world than Mitt Romney was.

I can only wonder, however, now that she realizes that national security is a big part of the job, whether if given the chance she would switch her vote.

Selection #2: Food Stamp Twerker

Less well known but no less enthusiastic, the second selection is the Food Stamp Twerker!

Cast your vote below!

H/T Downtrend and The Political Commentator

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