Sunday, September 14, 2014

What happens if a leader sucks? America is learning the answer the hard way!

Barack Obama, the nations Commander-in-Chief, is out of his league and too concerned with playing politics to make the decisions necessary for keeping the United States safe!

Not exactly the attributes we are looking for in a leader!

The following are three examples, from the world of sports, business and national security, of what can happen if strong and capable leadership is absent and a competitor or enemy is provided with the opportunity to prevail.

Question: What happens if the coach of a team has no vision, courage, ability to lead or the capability for the strategic thinking necessary to defeat an opponent?

Answer: The team will likely lose the game!

Question: What happens if the CEO of a company possesses the same attributes as the coach above with the additional issues of stalling, dithering and delaying when it actually comes time to make a decision or implement a program because there is no choice? Further, what if this same CEO relies on friendly competitors to make moves necessary to ensure his own company's success?

Answer: The company stands a good chance of going out of business!

Question: What will happen if the President of the United States. well aware of the potential for tragic ramifications for the country if the war against an opponent hellbent on world domination and the death of all who do not agree with them is not defeated, instead follows this leadership methodology?
  • Makes strategic decisions now based solely on a promise that he made concerning ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to get elected six years ago,
  • Is so dogmatic that he is unwilling to change course when a current one is obviously not working or a proposed new course is obviously destined to fail,
  • Seeks to win by bringing a knife to a gunfight,
  • Makes decisions that go against the best advice of the best military minds in the United States,
  • Wants to wage 1/2 a war now that will utilize US air attacks against ISIS only when the world has changed and American boots on the ground may be required to insure victory,
  • Is incapable or unwilling to make decisions and instead delays and dithers in the hope that somehow things will 'get better',
  • Is unable to even name the enemy that the country is facing. Mr. President they are Islamic extremists who are waging a Holy War against all who are in the world that do not agree 100% with their version of Sharia law,
  • Wants to rely on a ragtag team of Syrian rebels who loyalties we cannot even be sure of to fight our battles on the ground for us,
  • Has a history of showing the nation's strategic hand to the enemy by telling them the who, what, when and where of our strategy,
  • Shows our enemies weakness when the only thing that terrorists and tyrants alike understand and respect is strength. Nowhere is this better exemplified than with the redline crossing in Syria that the President backed down from,
  • Shows a lack of seriousness in doing the actual job, national security, that he was elected to do instead focusing on everything but,
  • Plays politics with the future of our country,
  • Cannot see, and therefore acts accordingly, that the danger Americans face from ISIS is not only international in nature but domestic as well (see 'Domestic terrorism: Brendan Tevlin was killed at a New Jersey intersection because he was an American'),
  • By spouting empty rhetoric and showing the lack of the backbone necessary to insure the safety of our nations actual friends, is unable to cobble together any significant coalition of the willing to fight our enemy,
  • And finally what if the President of the United States Barack Obama, through his actions and inactions as well a words and then actual deeds, is incapable of defeating an enemy that  may be the most dangerous the world has seen since Nazi Germany and the Third Reich?
Answer: Finding out is not an option but unless Barack Obama can somehow reverse the last six years of his presidency and become the type of leader that the United States and the world needs, we may tragically find out!

And while I have not agreed with most anything that this President has done since taking office I am pulling for him in this fight because the future of the free world depends on it!

I just hope that our horse in this race for national security and global stability is not the equivalent of Ruffian.

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