Tuesday, September 30, 2014

War on Terror - Can Obama really be this incompetent or is he this incompetent on purpose?

The President has pathetically failed in his main role as protector of the United States but is it due to simple incompetence or could it possibly be more?

He ignores his advisors, is dogmatic in his philosophy, misses a high percentage of national security briefings and seems detached and uninterested when it comes to national security and protecting Americans both here and abroad.

He cannot say Islamic extremists, has dithered making key decisions, has placed blame for his failures on others, has let Americans die for political reasons, has called obvious acts of domestic terrorism workplace violence and telegraphs our strategies to our enemies.

He has also proven himself to be unreliable to our allies.

Can all of this strictly be due to his belief that he is the smartest person in any room that he is in and his blind political ideology?

Perhaps, but in a look back at some opinion pieces that have appeared at The Political Commentator, perhaps not!

The question always has been that if non-experts can figure out what should be done and what should not be done prosecuting the war on terror, why has this President been unable, or unwilling, to do the same?

Unbelievably I hope it's incompetence because the alternative is the stuff of conspiracy theories!

A look back at Barack Obama, the War on Terrorism and National Security!

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