Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pearl Harbor attacked, FDR says 'no boots on the ground' in any US response!

What if after Pearl Harbor was attacked FDR insisted that the United States, war weary after WW1, would not be sending US ground troops to fight in Europe or in the Pacific?

And what if FDR said that this strategy would stay in place regardless of any changes in the conflict going forward?

Further, what if FDR made a speech telling allies and enemies alike the details concerning how long the US would be involved in the conflict, what would be on and what would be 'off the table' when it came to fighting the fight, when our bombing runs would commence and where the bombers would be sent?

I think that the following phrase describes where all of Europe and possibly the United States might be today if FDR was as bad at national security and foreign policy then, as Barack Obama is now!

Wir würden wahrscheinlich alles sein jetzt Deutsch gesprochen, das Leben unter Marshall Law und alle Welten Juden wäre zweifellos schon vor langer Zeit ausgerottet worden!

Translation: We would most likely all be speaking German now, living under Marshall Law and all of the worlds Jews would no doubt have been exterminated long ago!

Bullshit Phrase: 'Americans do not want US troops on the ground in the war against ISIS!'


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