Sunday, September 28, 2014

Oklahoma Beheading: Political correctness is going to kill us all! (Satire)

When the FBI can't call the Oklahoma beheading or the Fort Hood shooting acts of terrorism and instead falls back on workplace violence, we are in some deep trouble!

From The People's Cube:

Alton Nolen: religious black man gunned down by white racist

As you may have heard, there was a beheading in Oklahoma, and for some reason the whole country is freaking out. It's just a little blood, people! Sometimes, some of us will have to give our heads in order for Muslims to have the civil right to fully practice their religion.

There are more important things to be concerned with in the United States, such as the right of Muslims to practice Sharia law, and whether blacks are being gunned down in huge numbers by racist whites.

Today, the world mourns the double civil rights violations (bigoted racism and religious persecution) that occurred in Oklahoma. The incident in question involved Alton Nolen, a black man and a practicing Muslim.

Nolen came to the factory office of his former employer, seeking a quiet place to practice his religion, free from fear or persecution. What he got was a bullet, after he mindfully severed one infidel's head and was in the process of sacrificing another.

In the midst of seeking asylum to practice his religion, Nolen was brutally assaulted by a racist white man with a questionably legal gun, and prevented the free exercise thereof his religion. This is the thanks that Muslims get for having the courage to practice pacifism in America.

Al Sharpton is calling for an investigation into the incident; citing the fact that the black victim only had a knife, while the white shooter had a gun. It raises the question of why excessive firepower was used against a man who clearly posed no threat to the community. Sharpton demands to know why the victim was racially profiled for practicing his religion. He calls the attack "Worshiping while black."

In addition, there are calls from the victim's factory union into why the victim was fired from his job. The union insists that if the victim had been paid fair wages, that the victim would not have been forced to return to the factory after being unfairly terminated.

The union also states that if a prayer room facing towards Mecca had been installed in the factory, and the victim had been offered more breaks on which to say his prayers, the victim may not have felt the need to express his feelings towards the infidels.

Additional grievances include the serving of pork products in the cafeteria and the existence of female employees.

Nolen is described by his friends as a "gentle giant" who would never hurt a fly. A proud Muslim-American, Nolen volunteers as coach for the local youth baseball team, and spends two mornings a week serving soup to the homeless. Nolen is a productive member of the community, whose contributions will be sorely missed, while he recovers from his wounds.

When he is released from the hospital, Nolen's attorney states that he will explore all options including lawsuits against the perpetrator, for violating Nolen's civil right to religious practice.

We all know that George W. Bush is the biggest liar the presidency has ever seen, but there is one time when he told the truth: When he correctly referred to Islam as the "Religion of Peace."

John Kerry said, “The real face of Islam is a peaceful religion based on the dignity of all human beings.” It's so frustrating how the real face of Islam keeps trying to appear, but white racists gunning down black Muslims repeatedly thwart the real face of Islam.

We can also thank President Obama for his tireless contributions towards the proliferation of Islam in America, with multiple accolades like, “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

Hopefully the victim will make a complete recovery and can continue his peaceful Islamic evangelism, unencumbered, for the sake of the dignity of all human beings.

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