Sunday, September 21, 2014

Is the US screwed with Obama calling the shots in the war on terror?

Leaving conspiracy theories out of the equation for now, with a Commander-in-Chief who will not listen to his military experts when it comes to ISIS, is the US screwed?

If, however, you insist on bringing conspiracy theories into the mix, please read 'The Manchurian President and his blind electorate!'

But if you are more comfortable citing presidential incompetence, inexperience, ideology, unpreparedness and pandering to his political base for the reasons that the country is now facing down one of the most insidious threats in our history, these articles would be a good read!

And, if you are still inclined to either believe that Barack Obama is doing a good job with our national security or has been working through the legacy left by George W. Bush, then these articles are a MUST READ!

Barack Obama, national security and the global war on terror aka overseas contingency operations!

These articles touch on some of the reasons why Americans finds themselves in the position they are are in vis a vis national security:

Bullshit Phrase: 'Americans do not want US troops on the ground in the war against ISIS!'

Incompetence Fatigue, Radical Islam and the American People!

Barack Obama's insidious master plan for the United States! 

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