Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hypocrisy? Joe Biden in Detroit pushing union membership while wearing a $650,000 shirt!

Joe Biden pandered to a union crowd in Detroit on Labor Day but must have forgotten who is audience was when he got dressed in the morning!

What Biden said on Labor Day to a pro-union crowd was of course populist in nature and spoken as if his name was Joe from Six Pack, USA.

“Why in God's name does someone who makes hundreds of millions managing a hedge fund pay only 15% in taxes, while the average GM worker pays 25% in taxes," Biden asked the thousands of union members who converged on Detroit for the Labor Day festivities. "America has always done best when we act as one America. When we do, the nation succeeds." (Source)

His shirt told a slightly different story, however, as it was from the Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton, Long Island where the initiation fee is a cool $650,000.

'Sebonack Golf Club, which opened for limited play last weekend in Southampton, New York, costs what might be a world-highest $650,000 for a membership that ensures accommodations at one of 15 four-bedroom ``cottages'' being built around the course. It's $500,000 just for golf.

The new club sits between 95-year-old National Golf Links of America and four-time U.S. Open host Shinnecock Hills Golf Club at the eastern end of Long Island. Other neighbors include Atlantic Golf Club and the Bridge, both in Bridgehampton. Membership in those clubs -- by invitation only -- tops out at $575,000.' (Source)

I would imagine that few members of Sebonack are also members of the UAW!

H/T Stuart Varney

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