Thursday, September 25, 2014

Forget the Latte Salute! Remember Barack Obama and the quenelle salute?

The 'Latte Salute' by Barack Obama in the direction of two Marines as he exited Marine One isn't the first time the President has executed a questionable hand gesture!

Do you remember December 2013 when the President and a few of his buddies were caught on camera performing the quenelle salute?

At the time the question was whether this gesture by the President was simply made imitating others and that he was unaware of what its meaning actually was, or if it was it done based on its definition as 'a gesture vaguely similar to the Nazi salute that some believe was invented solely to express hatred of Jews without inviting prosecution.'

The former would merely show Barack Obama's lack of knowledge and his desire to be the 'cool' President while the latter would be what many believe to be his true feelings towards Israel and the Jews.

In any event as Jews celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Barack Obama prosecutes an anemic war against terror and the day after the President made a speech at the UN that basically threw Israel under the bus, it is worth taking this trip down memory lane.

Fair and Balanced: At the time some said that the gesture was made by the President and his friends merely “brushing imaginary dirt off their shoulder” in “a reference to the Jay-Z hit song” entitled “Dirt off Your Shoulder" but, to know this President and his stance towards Israel, means that serious questions about motives have to be asked!

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