Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Flashback: Malaysia Airlines FL 370! Flash-forward: Eleven missing Libyan jetliners!

Remember the story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

A jetliner that disappeared soon after takeoff with no evidence of it crashing or landing anywhere ever having been found?

A story that was pushed off of the front pages of the newspapers by the next horrendous story that had more sex appeal? A story that really hasn't been mentioned since?

Well what did happen to that plane?

On April 26, 2014 this was my speculation: 'Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and a hangar in Pakistan (or Iran)! (Video)'

And this was my rationale:

  • Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country which in and of itself is not an indictment but an observation that may likely be relevant,
  • It would seem to any thinking man that a hijacked plane would either be flown into some target, land in some other country or be crashed immediately and not flown for hours only to run out of gas,
  • No debris of any kind has been found,
  • Two Iranians traveling with fake passports were coincidently on board,
  • The Malaysian government stonewalled and provided incomplete and in some cases incorrect information,
  • Malaysia is not unfriendly with Iran and has a warm relationship with Pakistan.

So where is that Malaysian Airlines flight now? Could it have been added to the collection of the 11 planes gone from Tripoli!

Planes that can be flown into buildings, oil refineries or perhaps loaded with WMDs and crashed into an urban area somewhere.

All while the Obama administration sits with their collective heads up their collective asses muttering useless rhetoric to go along with a lack of any substantive action or plan for action.

It doesn't exactly give you a very warm and fuzzy feeling inside!

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