Monday, September 22, 2014

Does Obama have an agenda completely opposite from America's best interests?

If we assume that Barack Obama is not a stupid man then how could every single one of his foreign policy decisions have been so wrong.

Under the same assumption why would he ignore every single one of the recommendations given to him by his military experts?

(As an aside if military experts and advisors like Leon Panetta believed that the decisions being made in the Oval Office went against the national security interests of the United States, why didn't they resign in protest rather than follow along like the lemmings that they are?)

Staying with the same train of thought why is he doing whatever he can to weaken the United States militarily and economically at what could be the absolute worst possible time?

Finally, is it at all possible that in plain sight and under the guise of simply being an extremely bad President that Barack Obama has achieved what conspiracy theorists would say has been his goal of not only aiding Islamic extremists but to slowly and surely destroy the fabric of our country as well?

I've heard dumber things as ISIS grows, we do absolutely nothing of substance (unless useless rhetoric counts) and another even more dangerous terrorist group is said to wait in the wings.

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