Monday, September 8, 2014

Defeating Islamic extremists: Thinking outside of the box for a solution!

It's an ISIS fighters worst fear: Being killed by a woman!

When Barack Obama speaks to the nation about his newfound strategy for defeating ISIS (see below) it will likely include these things and little more:

  1. Building a coalition of the willing,
  2. Spot bombing of ISIS targets,
  3. Diplomacy and negotiation with anyone he can find who's willing to negotiate no matter how useless and counter-productive for US national security that might be (See Iran),
  4. Humanitarian aid,
  5. Doing as little as possible in order to try and push this most recent failure of the Obama administration off of the front pages thereby allowing him to get back to what he views as his two actual and primary functions as POTUS: Fundraising and golf!

Outside the box strategy for defeating ISIS!

Stories abound concerning 'the extremists' fear of being killed by the opposite sex. In northern Iraq, it is said that the Islamic State fighters, who are exclusively male, believe that they won’t be admitted to heaven if they are killed by a woman.' (Source)

How about a platoon of fighters that look like the soldier below? Maybe ISIS would drop their weapons, turn tail and run home!

Observation: Had a groundswell of public opinion over the plight of the Yazidis on Mount Sinjar at the hands of ISIS never occurred it is likely that Barack Obama would still be ignoring the global danger from the terrorist group.

It is not until scandal or incompetence finally forces the hand of the mainstream media to report on a crisis that Barack Obama will ever feel compelled to act in the defense of the United States. And even then it will be in the most benign way possible and meant to placate critics as opposed to winning the war!

That's one hell of a leader!

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