Thursday, September 25, 2014

Conspiracy Theory or Fact? Why Obama uses ISIL and not ISIS! (Must Watch Video)

Many have wondered why Barack Obama had done nothing and is now doing the bare minimum in the war on terror to defeat ISIS!

On-the-other-hand, others among us have long speculated that Obama has had ulterior and sinister motives and agendas that he has so far sucessfully masqueraded as timidity, incompetence and negligence (Is the US screwed with Obama calling the shots in the war on terror?).

What could this agenda possibly be and why does the President insist on using the acronym ISIL rather than ISIS or Islamic State?

For explanation this is a must watch video that looks at some of the facts. Most will say it is simply the ramblings of conspiracy theorists but, if you actually consider what this President has done and not done in the past such as:
  • Ignoring the threat of ISIS although briefed on it for years,
  • Unilateral pullout of all troops from Iraq against the recommendation of military leaders,
  • Telling our enemies in speech after speech what the US will be doing and when, along with insisting that no matter what happens in the future that US troops will not be on the ground in Iraq or Syria,
  • Tepid and anemic bombing campaign etc,
then you may actually begin to see the light!

Pass this along and maybe we can somehow force the Congress to get involved in this fight as well. 

Unfortunately they are cowards and once again ran out of Washington to campaign for six weeks so that they don't dirty their hands with a vote on the most important issue that has faced the country in a long, long time!

Video: Why it's Obama's ISIL and not ISIS or the Islamic State!

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