Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bullshit Phrase: 'Americans do not want US troops on the ground in the war against ISIS!'

Once upon a time we elected leaders who would actually strive to do what is right for the country and not what's expedient for their own reelection!

In other words the polar opposite of what we have in office now!

Now we have a President who is willing to put the United States in mortal danger by ignoring his military advisors when it comes to doing what it will take to defeat ISIS and instead will follow the lead of his political party's base and his own ideology.

A narcissistic and egocentric Commander-in-Chief so hellbent on holding true to his campaign pledge of ending the war in Iraq that he is either unwilling or incapable of changing strategy on the fly to address the dynamics of national security.

And along with this President are the majority of Congressional Democrats who seem willing to prostitute their morals, values and common sense in order to maintain allegiance with their failed and incompetent leader in the White House!

Of course Americans would prefer not to put US troops on the ground in the war against ISIS!

When it comes to the war on terror and the fight to defeat ISIS, the liberals in Congress along with left-wing pundits tell us that the American people do not want US ground troops sent into Iraq and Syria in order to defeat ISIS.

At the same time what they typically won't mention are the words 'war' and 'Islamic extremists'.

They will say that the nation is war weary which of course is true because no one wants war. They will then typically invoke George Bush in an attempt to point a finger of blame for where we are now.

Barack Obama will stand at the microphone and tell the American public, and our enemies, that he ran for office promising to end wars and that no American troops will be used on the ground in the war to defeat an enemy unlike any we have ever seen.

An enemy who wants to bring the battle here to our shores and one who uses terrorism as their main weapon.

But, the President will once again say, he ran for office to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and that the American people are against sending US troops to battle the ground there.

So here's a question for you: Who gives a crap what the American people want?

Many Americans still unfortunately have no idea about the enemy we now face in ISIS.

Sadly, until something happens that directly affects the country on our shores, they are too consumed with their lattes at Starbuck's, Real Housewives on television and news delivered by a mainstream media that carries the water for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party to be bothered.

That, or because of the President's failed domestic policies they are so consumed with personal survival that they don't have the wherewithal to pay that much attention.

The reality is when it comes to national security and the war against ISIS and Islamic extremism. that the American people are not privy to top secret intelligence briefings, do not hear the terrorist 'chatter' going back and forth or have the ability to speak with other leaders from around the world who are facing the same enemy now as well.

Therefore, when it comes to the extent of the dangers we now face, the American public is either:

  • Not completely informed concerning the actual facts to know the extent of the danger or,
  • Too consumed with other nonsense or blinded by a mainstream media spreading the administrations misleading information to care!

The simple fact of the matter is that thanks in no small way to negligence on the part of the President of the United States, a terrorism threat unseen before now exists threatening the entirety of the civilized world.

And why? Because the President plays politics instead of being Commander-in-Chief ignoring the threat of ISIS for at least one year and probably longer.

And now, because he and the rest of the Left continue to play politics with national security, his half-assed solution to the problem of the war on terror is to put proxy fighters on the ground instead of the US military.

The problem with that of course is that this ragtag bunch of rebels with allegiances unknown do not represent the United States and will fail miserably.

It won't be until, God forbid, there is an ISIS attack(s) in the US, that their hand will be forced and will then actually do what's necessary.

That is unless you consider some of the recent domestic incidents that have occurred seeming to show that ISIS is already here despite Obama's claims that there is no imminent threat to the US.

That is a hell of a way to do your job!

When it comes to national security and prosecuting a war it should not and cannot be based on polling data, upcoming elections or political expediency.

It's not whether or not the American public wants to fight a war but whether or not a war needs to be fought for the safety and security of the United States!

Ironic final note: When the American people were against Obamacare it certainly didn't stop the Left from ramming it down our throats anyway.


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