Thursday, September 18, 2014

Because Barack Obama is a failed leader, this video happens!

Over the weekend I asked and answered the following question concerning Barack Obama: 'What happens if a leader sucks? America is learning the answer the hard way!'

In other words would a player run through a brick wall if Obama was their coach on the field? How about a wet paper towel?

'Barack Obama, the nations Commander-in-Chief, is out of his league and too concerned with playing politics to make the decisions necessary for keeping the United States safe!

Not exactly the attributes we are looking for in a leader!'

And perfectly consistent with his brand of leadership is the fact that this President is unilaterally ruling out boots on the ground in the war against ISIS despite the fact that his advisors tell him differently.

For Obama, true narcissist that he is, ignoring experts is simply par for his course.

By this time in his presidency, however, one might assume given the fact that every foreign policy decision he has made to date has been an unmitigated disaster, that he might try something new and actually listen to the advice of people in the know.

This is unfortunately not likely for this POTUS who seems to truly believe that no matter the situation or where it exists that he is always the smartest person in whatever room he happens to be in!

In reality though, at least when it comes to foreign policy and national security, the only room that may fit this description is when Obama is in the solitude of a bathroom.

Here's a perfect case in point: One might wonder how a Commander-in-Chief tips off the enemy to his war strategy and, at the same time, completely rules out doing what at some point in the future (if not now) may need to be done in order to WIN THE WAR AGAINST THE ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS HE CALLS ISIL!

Perhaps it's because winning is not his priority.

Unfortunately for Americans and the rest of the civilized world the only things that seems to matter to Obama, as the cancer of ISIS spreads around the world, are politics and some other agenda that only he seems to know that runs counter to the best interests of the United States.

So what does the military think about the man whose decisions they must blindly follow?

According to this former Navy SEAL over 90% have a problem trusting and supporting Barack Obama.

One reason for this could be that the military is trained to win and is not trained to not lose!

Video: Navy SEAL speaks to the military and Barack Obama!


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