Friday, September 26, 2014

A New York State vanity license plate that reads TERRORISM not ASSMAN! (Video)

In an episode of Seinfeld Kramer was by mistakenly given a license plate meant for a proctologist that read 'ASSMAN'!

That was a clerical mix-up and the Dr. who actually ordered it had a very good reason for doing so!

Did the New York State resident who had the license plate HAMMAS made-up do it by accident or is it merely a sign of support for the terror group in the Middle East?

You guessed it: 'The woman who owns the car, but apparently not a lot of common sense, argued that the plate was intended as a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people, not in support of terrorism.'

And why I wonder is NYS allowing that plate in the first place when much more benign plates typically get denied?

H/T Conservative Tribune

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