Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photos: The 'girlie men' of US national security!

It was only yesterday that the topic of knowing who your enemy is so that you can fight them on an equal playing field was discussed at TPC!

Knowing Your Enemy Part 2 (Graphic video and disturbing photos)

Unfortunately, while most thinking Americans already know who OUR enemies are, our enemies may look at the fabric of our national security team and get the idea that these men actually represent who THEIR opponents really are!

To be clear our enemies will do anything and everything to innocent men, women and children to get what they want! They will stop at nothing including the use of WMD's if God forbid they got their hands on them.

And what they want is a global Islamic Caliphate in which those who they call non-believers either convert to Islam or die.

But, when they watch our foreign policy and national security team led by Barack Obama and John Kerry, this is what and who they see!

Sad! Very sad!

Picture H/T White House Dossier


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