Thursday, August 7, 2014

Never Again? Jewish children in Australia attacked with anti-Semitic hate on a school bus!

Jews around the world need to wake-up to a new reality that is actually quite old!

Always fomenting right below the surface of society, the Israeli mission in Gaza to ensure its survival has let the anti-Semitism monster out of the bottle and into the light of day!

Today's story of hate comes out of Australia, as this headline clearly explains:

Bondi racist bus attack: Jewish schools on alert after eight males threaten to cut schoolchildren’s throats, five teenagers arrested (Source)

Three young girls called their mother telling her:

'Please help us mummy, there's eight drunk men that have just been let onto our school bus. 

'They're screaming, Heil Hitler, kill the Jews ... we're going to cut your throats' ... then the phone cut off.'

Ironically, given the nature of the attack, the bus driver claimed that he saw and heard nothing!

Never Again? WAKE-UP!


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