Sunday, August 31, 2014

National Security? For Obama to have any interest ISIL would need to become this! (Video)

How can Americans hope to get Barack Obama engaged and invested in forming a strategy to defeat ISIL, a terrorist group sworn to our demise?

Obviously the national security threat isn't enough to get the job done so our only hope is that there's some way to convince the President of this:

Until he formulates a strategy to destroy ISIL, fundraising venues like the one in Newport, RI where he spent Friday will be made permanently unavailable! And while we're at it access to golf courses would be restricted as well.

Want to see action? That will get action and it might be the only way!

And when I say destroy ISIL I don't mean wait a year for a government in Iraq to be formed or negotiate with the terrorists or look for a diplomatic solution to the problem or cede control of the problem to the UN or wait to act until a coalition of other nations is somehow cobbled together.

I mean do what he should have done when he was first aware that the problem existed a year or more ago which is to be engaged, make a decision, be a leader and destroy them!

And the mansion below in Newport, Rhode Island where he jetted off to on Friday for a fundraiser before jetting off to NYC for more fundraisers over the Labor Day weekend?

It is on the market for $19MM and the price of admission for any liberals dumb enough to want to meet our failed Commander-in-Chief and equally worthless House Minority Leader was a mere $15,000 - $32,400!

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