Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hezbollah-built tunnels from Lebanon into Israel!

The fact that Hezbollah has tunnels into Israel should come as little surprise as Hezbollah and Hamas share terrorism techniques along with sharing the desire to destroy Israel! 

This must read story about the tunnels dug into Israel by the terrorist group Hezbollah comes from an Israeli woman living near the Lebanese border.

The story came to TPC from ES by way of Anne's Opinions.

Hezbollah tunnels into northern Israel!

A female resident of Zar’it, (a city close to the northern border) said on the Dan Shilon program that for a long time now she had been hearing digging sounds under the house.
When she reported this, she and other residents of the North who were hearing drilling and excavation mainly at night were sent to take tranquilizers.
She described how she is able to see, in Lebanese territory, cement trucks and heavy construction equipment entering under greenhouses but cannot see anything being built above ground. She told how her whole house is shaking, objects are moving and falling ..
This is just one testimony amongst many others of residents and soldiers along the northern border who have been hearing  the sound of digging for years!
I personally heard many testimonies of IDF soldiers who served on the northern border, who heard excavations, who reported to their superiors and nothing was done. They have long been released!
What we went through with Hamas in Gaza is child’s play compared to what awaits us in the north with Hezbollah.
People of Israel, wake up!
We must not leave the residents of the north alone with this threat.
Hamas is the son and the student of Hezbollah when it comes to fighting methods and tunneling theory …
The tunnels in the north are much larger and much more dangerous.
What’s the matter with us? Are we afraid of confrontation? Have we closed our eyes?? If it’s quiet over there, what is not clear? They’re simply digging ..
The Israeli government is requested to act immediately to defend the northern communities, to locate tunnels in the north too, and to work on the assumption that the tunnels already exist beneath communities.
If the terrorists manage to infiltrate motorcycles and vehicles through these tunnels, this terrorism will reach the center and  anywhere else in the country in a snap .
We’re talking about a strategic threat of the highest order to security of Israeli citizens.
We have to prevent an attack from the tunnels which could be carried out any day.
The residents of the north must be evacuated, especially those in whose localities digging sounds have been reported. Alternatively large forces must be stationed there to keep guard. Access roads to the center of the country must be closed; serious checks to detect tunnels must be carried out  and their destruction must be ensured without delay.
We must not sit back and allow the Gaza tunnels failure to repeat itself and allow them to carry out their plans for Rosh Hashana, God forbid ..
In theory and practically, it is possible that after years of digging with electrical excavation tools into the rock and mountainside, there is beneath us a terror city equipped with billions in Iranian and Syrian funding terrorism and with many arms leading into bases and various localities.
I will expand on what has been said, that it is even possible that the (useless) dribble of Hamas launches to the Gaza periphery are intended to draw our attention to Gaza, to concentrate our forces there and thus our attention will be distracted, and we won’t have the chance to deal with the real threat – the North.
This is an old tactic of shoplifters who come in pairs. One asks the seller with questions and the other steals undisturbed ..
Have I scared you? I’m scared too! Let us all work together. We can do something.
So what can be done?
* If you have photographic evidence of anything (how your furniture shakes or moves, photos of suspicious excavation sites, your own photographic evidence ..) flood the social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) with them
* If you are residents of the north or you served there and you witnessed the sounds of digging, share your experiences in the comments here.
*If you want to remain anonymous, contact me via chat and send me your testimony and I’ll enter it as a response under this status (anonymously of course).
* If there are any professionals here, geologists, seismologists, acoustics engineers, experts and those knowledgeable about detecting tunnels, Including academics with appropriate equipment to perform the tests, who are willing to volunteer to go to the homes of residents who hear the digging, please send me your details privately and we will work to bring  professional opinions and distribute them until the earth shakes!. This is a Tzav 8, an emergency call-up., this is your hour!
We must not let this the issue drop off the agenda and we have to demand attention to it from our government.
In matters such as this the power of an individual is limited.  But all of us together have enormous power to change priorities.
All of us massed together have the power to raise such issues on the public agenda and not allow our government to bury their heads in the sand any more.
Here is a documentary broadcast on Channel 10 five years ago. Mumi Biton, a resident of a northern community, heard sounds of excavations. Channel 10 brought in an acoustics engineer. He checked and unequivocally stated that there was digging underground. With machines. This was five years ago! Watch the video. It’s only three minutes.
The mayor of Kiryat Shmona sent a letter to the Minister of Defence in which he wrote “From the beginning of the operation, I started getting calls from residents living near the Lebanese border, claiming that they hear noises under the ground” Here is the article in the Algemeiner. [I changed the URL because the Walla one quoted in the post doesn't link to the letter. Also, this link is in English. -Ed.]
And if that is not enough for you and you want to specific detailed information about the quality and specification of the tunnels that they built, go here: Calacalist article about the tunnels.
Beneath the above report there are comments from readers with firsthand evidence they have heard in the past, and are currently hearing, the sound of digging.
You are invited to share this post and sign the petition to stop the tunnels.
And I’ll sign off with the words of the song: “Oh my native country .. you are heading to disaster”


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