Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Must Read: Are Jews facing a global Pogrom?

A mere 75 or so years after the Holocaust, Jews worldwide are facing another groundswell of hatred oozing from below the surface of society and out into the light of day!

Predictably, ground zero in Europe is centered in France.

The Global Pogrom

Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again.
—Andre Gide
There is a Global Pogrom under way.

This is a terrible truth. And people tend to ignore terrible truths. So it must be said again: There is a Global Pogrom under way.

And another terrible truth must be spoken: The Global Pogrom has been under way for more than a decade. It has taken lives. It has destroyed property. It has injured, brutalized, and terrified Jews and Jewish communities in many nations. And it is creating a silent exodus, a de facto expulsion, an ethnic cleansing in slow motion.

To say again, because it must be said again, this is something almost no one wants to admit. A truth that almost no one, including many Jews, wants to speak or hear. But over the past month, it has become a truth that is impossible to ignore.

Yet even in the face of this, many continue to deny it, or at least to minimize it. And many, one regrets, have chosen to blame it on the Jews themselves.

A mere seven decades after the Holocaust, after the world was supposed to have learned its lesson, this is not only monstrous. It is not only evil. It is also an existential threat to the civilized world. Because the Global Pogrom presents the world with a stark choice: The Global Pogrom or civilization. And a civilization, any civilization, that cannot or will not say no to barbarism, is no longer a civilization at all.

The moment when, at long last, the Global Pogrom became impossible to deny took place in France. This is not surprising, as France has been the epicenter of the phenomenon from the moment it began. But this time, the violence was so savage, its target so public, and the perpetrators so obvious, that no one but the most demented apologists could pretend it did not happen.

On July 13, 2014, as the war between Israel and Hamas intensified, an ostensibly pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris quickly devolved into the pogrom that, perhaps, it was always meant to be. A mob of thugs descended upon the Synagogue de la Roquette, trapped the congregation inside, and tried to break in while brandishing deadly weapons.

One of those trapped was a woman who, perhaps for fear of reprisal, asked to be identified only as Aurélie A. Her testimony, translated in Tablet, describes a horrific scene.

Initially mobbed outside the synagogue, she sees one of the “protesters” “shouting ‘Death to the Yids!’” She quickly realizes “the magnitude of the situation… They’ve surrounded us… We hear cries everywhere… I see firearms fly… I even see a man with an axe.” The outnumbered French police, either terrified or simply uninterested, barely get her safe inside.

But “here we can no longer get out… the pressure inside rises. There are elderly people who feel oppressed, there are women who start to cry, in some places the volume rises. Then the first wounded… EMTs…” She looks through a window and “I saw as in a prison what was happening outside. More cries! They are still there… There are now hundreds!” In an instant, it comes to her: “The synagogue is under siege! The demonstrators want in!” And there is no doubt what they will do if they get in: “We can expect the worst.”

Read the rest of the article at The Tower here.


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